Frequently Asked Questions

What types of blankets do you accept?

We accept a variety of handmade blankets, quilts, and afghans made from washable and dryable fabrics (e.g., cotton, flannel, and fleece) and yarns.  Please note that ALL purchased blankets must have some sort of embellishment, border, or appliqué to make them acceptable as handmade blankets.

All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization.

Where can I donate my handmade blanket(s)?

We have the following two blanket drop-off locations as we know you may not be able to attend the monthly meetings but want to contribute your handmade items. 

Whenever you drop-off items, please make sure your handmade blankets or fabric are designated for Project Linus and include your contact information, so we can provide a gift in kind for your wonderful donation. 

What size and type of blankets are needed?   

We accept a wide-range of handmade blankets including crochet and knitted blankets, quilts, fleece throws, etc.  

Additional links: One-page printable blanket standards and / or our Donation form (e.g., what we accept and do no accept).

Do you accept fabric donations?

We will gladly accept most of your unwanted or excess fabric and yarn.  As blankets, material, and yarn deteriorate over time especially if stored in non-temperate conditions (e.g., attics, basements, and garages), ALL donations of blankets, fabric, and yarn must be clean, in good condition, free of debris, and without musty or noxious odors. We do not accept old, poorly kept, smell-ridden, dirty, and / or previously used blankets or material. Below is a list of items we will accept:

Check out the following photo album -- Blankets Made from Your Donated Fabric and Yarn -- to see what our amazing Blanketeers have done with fabric and yarn  donated to our local chapter.

Additional note: If interested in receiving a receipt for your taxes, please include your name, mailing address, and request for a gift in kind receipt along with your donation.

Do you accept monetary contributions?

Yes, please go to Project Linus website and complete the  donation form. If you want your donation to be applied to our local Project Linus of Charles County, MD, Chapter, please complete the following:

Do you support service projects?

Yes, we support a variety of service projects including high school, scouts, and more!  We can provide guidelines for blankets and service hour "credits." Please contact us for more information.