About Us

Who We Are

We are volunteer members primarily of Charles County, MD, who come together to create and collect blankets to provide to children in their time of need. Our community has hugged over 37,300 children and have been donated to approximately 40 organizations and individual children. Handmade blankets have been created by more than 225 "Blanketeers" and groups -- some donating hundreds of blankets.

There are just a handful left of the original Blanketeers, but some of us are still plugging along. If you have been here through all the years, thanks so much! If you are new to Project Linus, thanks so much! Our Chapter has felt loss over the years, losing members here and there because of sickness, death, moves, etc., and, of course, we have also gained many new, wonderful, enthusiastic Blanketeers!

Our History

In April of 2002, two Charles County residents, Mary Hancock and Janet Jenkins, unknown to each other at the time, attended a meeting of what was then Southern Maryland Project Linus in Lusby, MD. Both had heard of Project Linus and were there to learn more about Project Linus and possibly assess the feasibility of starting a chapter in Charles County.

In September of 2002, Mary and Janet started hosting monthly meetings in La Plata, MD, under the auspices of Southern Maryland Project Linus. From then until April of 2004 (our Chapter's birth!), we donated 1,111 blankets to various groups in Charles County, MD, as well as other places. In April of 2004, we officially were named Charles County Project Linus with Mary Hancock as Coordinator and Janet Jenkins as Assistant Coordinator. We continue to enthusiastically produce and distribute blankets for any infants and children through age 18 who are ill, injured, or traumatized in some way.

In August 2018 Karen Huffman took over as Coordinator of the Charles County Chapter with Gail Cavella as Assistant Coordinator. She is excited about the opportunity to serve her community and work with and learn from some amazing people.